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How Associations Can Help Women Overcome Workplace Challenges


Women are still underrepresented in C-suite positions in the US, with only 12 women heading Fortune 100 companies in the year ending in June 2022. The challenges women face include balancing responsibilities at work and home, inflexible time-off policies, and lack of affordable childcare. During the pandemic, many women left the workforce, particularly those with young children, and have not returned. Women who do return often find themselves behind on their career track and in compensation. This is compounded by the fact that women are often underrepresented in associations, and when they don’t enter the leadership pipeline, achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion goals becomes more difficult. Associations can help by bringing facts to light, reviewing their traditions and practices, and educating the industry about workplace issues. They can survey employers and women professionals to produce a “state of women in the industry” report, and host town halls and educational programs to address workplace issues, share success stories and suggest solutions. Additionally, associations can help women refine their leadership skills and prepare them to fight gender bias and overcome other barriers.

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