Business » How Associations Can Boost Non-Dues Income Seamlessly with a Focused Content Strategy

How Associations Can Boost Non-Dues Income Seamlessly with a Focused Content Strategy

How Associations Can Boost Non-Dues Income Seamlessly with a Focused Content Strategy

Associations seeking to boost non-dues revenue without burdening members or undermining sponsor relationships can benefit from a well-executed Resource Library, according to a Lead Marvels article where three association executives shared their success stories.

A Resource Library, also known as a Content Hub or Knowledge Center, is a digital platform that hosts thought leadership materials from third-party sponsors. Sponsors pay to receive leads through a contact form that members complete to access the content. The platform is free for association partners, with the generated revenue split between the association and library host.

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), and the Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MassCPAs) highlighted five key characteristics of quality content for a Resource Library:

Content That Solves a Pain Point: Content should address specific challenges faced by the association and its members. For the ACC, increasing content engagement was crucial, while MassCPAs sought ways for sponsors to connect with members beyond print magazine space.

Content That Doesn’t Drain Internal Resources: The platform should be easy to implement and manage, ensuring minimal strain on the association’s staff. NAEA’s Knowledge Center eased concerns about resource allocation.

Content That Won’t Cannibalize Sponsor Dollars: Associations must ensure that introducing new revenue streams, like a Resource Library, doesn’t cannibalize existing sponsor dollars. The ACC addressed this by adopting a holistic approach to lead generation opportunities.

Content That Brings True Value: Content should offer unique value to members, focusing on education, industry trends, and best practices. NAEA emphasized the success of guides and tip pieces, steering clear of sales pitches.

Content That Grows Non-Dues Revenue: In an era of declining print and event revenue, associations benefit from diverse non-dues revenue sources.

All three associations reported significant success, with MassCPAs attributing 20% of its total revenue to the Knowledge Center. NAEA surpassed revenue expectations, generating over $55,000 in the first year. The ACC nearly doubled its annual revenue from its Partner Knowledge Center.

Additionally, the Resource Library provided an unexpected benefit by creating a pipeline of qualified sponsors and potential new-member leads, demonstrating the value of this innovative approach for associations.

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