Marketing & Communications » The Small-Staff Association’s Guide to Maximizing Content Repurposing

The Small-Staff Association’s Guide to Maximizing Content Repurposing

The Small-Staff Association’s Guide to Maximizing Content Repurposing

In today’s fast-paced world of content creation, small-staff associations often face limited resources and time constraints. However, content repurposing has emerged as an innovative strategy to maximize resources and engage a broader audience. By repurposing existing content, associations can extend their lifespan, provide renewed value to members, and diversify content distribution across multiple platforms.


To leverage the power of content repurposing, small-staff associations must have a well-defined plan. This involves setting clear goals, identifying valuable content, and using data analytics to make informed decisions on publishing, distribution, and fine-tuning content to target different audiences. By strategically repurposing content across various platforms and formats, associations can reach different audience segments that consume content differently. For example, webinars can be transformed into whitepapers or e-books, long-form articles can be rewritten into blog posts or infographics, and conference session audio can become podcast episodes. Diversifying content formats increases accessibility and connects with members on the platforms they prefer.


Utilizing available tools and technologies is crucial for maximizing content repurposing efforts. Content management software, AI content generators, marketing automation software, member data management software, graphic design tools, video creation/editing tools, and transcription software can streamline the content creation process and enhance productivity. Engaging member volunteers, freelancers, or interns can also amplify content creation and promotion efforts.


Small-staff associations can achieve big successes in engaging members through proactive planning and the right resources. By following five key tips for effective content repurposing—setting reasonable goals, developing a comprehensive plan, monitoring data and analytics, prioritizing staff expertise, and embracing tools and technology—associations can make a significant impact on their content strategy. Content repurposing enables them to overcome resource limitations and connect with members through relevant and impactful content.

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