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Adapting Business Cards in a Post-Pandemic World for Enhanced Networking


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted associations to reconsider the traditional 3.5-by-2-inch business card, leading to a shift in perspective on their purpose, according to an article by Associations Now. Justin Burniske, principal consultant at Meta-Dao, suggests that the landscape of business cards has evolved, emphasizing the need to align them with organizational goals.

One alternative that is gaining popularity is the digital business card, which offers a URL link or QR code for easy access to contact information. However, Burniske cautions that the digital format may struggle to maintain the personal connection established during face-to-face meetings.

While no perfect digital business card solution has emerged, Burniske sees potential in blockchain technology to enhance security and control information sharing, though widespread adoption is likely at least five years away. In the meantime, he recommends transforming traditional business cards into effective networking tools.

When it comes to business cards, it’s important for associations to take a user-experience approach and carefully curate the information they include. For example, with remote work becoming more common, including a physical address on a business card may not be necessary and can take up valuable space. In his own experience at Meta-Dao, Burniske experimented with his business card design to make it more effective. He added a photo to help with identification and included a section on the back for meeting notes, ensuring that his card served as a reminder of the initial interaction.

According to Burniske, it’s crucial to tailor business cards to specific roles within an organization. For instance, a card focused on membership could highlight top benefits, while a card for sales could showcase perks for sponsors and vendors. Regardless of the approach, it’s important to use the space on the card effectively to provide recipients with a compelling reason to reach out. As networking tools continue to evolve, thoughtful consideration of business card design can enhance engagement and relationship-building.

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