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Revamping Chapter Events: Strategies for Enhanced Member Engagement

Revamping Chapter Events: Strategies for Enhanced Member Engagement

Association chapters rely heavily on their chapter events to engage and excite members. However, event planning is notoriously stressful, compounded by the fact that many volunteers lack experience in this area. Additionally, the growing preference for virtual options, at nearly 50%, has a significant impact on member engagement, according to an article on Event Garde. To navigate these challenges, chapters can consider three key strategies.

Strategy #1: Understand Your Audience

Chapters must adapt by gaining insight into the changing desires, needs, and interests of their members and potential attendees. They can achieve this by directly asking for input from a variety of sources, including non-attendees and those at different career stages or business sizes. Mapping out the attendee journey from registration to post-event interactions helps identify areas for improvement and enhancement.

Strategy #2: Embrace the 4 Cs – Co-Creation, Collaboration, Connections, and Content

Chapters should view event planning as a collaborative effort with members rather than merely serving them. They can encourage co-creation by involving members in decisions about event locations, topics, speakers, and activities. Collaboration with other chapters and organizations can help share workload and success. Promoting networking opportunities within events and offering diverse content formats enhances member engagement.

Strategy #3: Expand Event Concepts

Chapters should break away from traditional event formats and focus on creative alternatives. Shorter events like lunch-and-learns, meet-ups, and explorer groups offer flexibility. Leading with content through blog posts, podcasts, and curated playlists allows for ongoing engagement. Expert clinics and brain dates provide valuable one-on-one interactions with experts. Chapters should consider events in the context of their broader activities.

Association chapters can improve member engagement and alleviate event planning stress by understanding their audience, embracing collaboration and creativity, and expanding their event concepts beyond traditional formats. These strategies enable chapters to stay relevant and responsive to changing member preferences.

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