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Why A Career Change Can Be Good


Association Exec Jennifer Briggs reflects on her decision to leave a career of 19 years as the president and CEO of the Indiana CPA Society to become the EVP/CEO of the Texas Society of Architects. She admits to feeling like she had done all she could do at her former organization and desired a change, to continue learning, be challenged, meet new people, and be near family. The pandemic allowed Briggs to take stock of their career and make the decision to make the move. The transition to the new role was difficult, but she appreciates the challenge and is grateful for the opportunity to work with a new group of professionals. She also acknowledges the practical matters that come with moving to a new city, including finding a place to live, new doctors, and schools for their children. The pandemic made it harder to ascertain what could be reliably known and that decisions were based on what was known and felt at any given time, but ultimately, Briggs believes that a change is worth doing, even if it is difficult, and has not ruled out the possibility of another move in the future.

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