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Maximizing Success in Your Organization’s Online Career Center

Maximizing Success in Your Organization's Online Career Center

Assuming responsibility for your organization’s online career center involves both internal management and external oversight, according to an article by Naylor. Internally, consider stakeholders responsible for marketing, social media, membership, finance, and decision-making. Align the career center with your association’s strategy, contribute to non-dues revenue, and establish procedures for marketing emails. Identify competitors and develop a preferred sales approach, reporting obligations, and key performance indicators.

Craft a mission statement aligning with the broader vision, promoting it actively. Create a spreadsheet to monitor sales progress, net revenue, and non-dues revenue targets. Develop a 12-month marketing plan, assigning themes for monthly promotions targeting employers, job seekers, or both. Analyze competitors to determine their strengths and set yourself apart. Establish a sales strategy with predefined pricing ranges and various packages.

Consult with senior leadership to understand their expectations and propose key performance indicators that align with enhancing membership value. Regularly check in with internal stakeholders to illustrate progress and outcomes.

Externally, focus on members’ experience by engaging active members to test the career center’s functionality. Gather feedback to prioritize adjustments. Incorporate specific career center questions in member surveys and conduct User Experience (UX) research to improve accessibility and ease of use. Communicate return on investment (ROI) through tailored messaging and showcase testimonials from successful employers.

Effectively managing an online career center requires a dual-pronged strategy. Internally, concentrate on sales, marketing, and understanding the career center’s contribution to membership value. Externally, prioritize member experience by seeking feedback and implementing necessary changes. Implementing a strategic plan ensures focus on your mission, leading to the benefits of a well-executed, well-supported program.

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