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Building Future-Focused Membership Success for Associations in 2024


The dynamics of association memberships are in constant flux, and 2024 is poised to be no exception. Crafting a membership strategy that not only resonates in the present but also fortifies the association for the years ahead requires attention to key foundational points. An article by ASAE offers these 10 essential elements for a robust membership plan in 2024:

Define Your Identity:

  • Clearly articulate your association’s mission to highlight its uniqueness.
  • Emphasize values, continuing education, and conference benefits to communicate value through the lens of your mission.

Learn from the Past:

  • Evaluate the successes and failures of the previous year to refine and improve the current plan.

Segmentation and Personalization:

  • Identify category verticals and target member personas based on demographics and value-based information.
  • Personalize communications to cater to members’ diverse values and interests.

Innovate Membership Categories:

  • Research, test, or launch new membership categories to meet evolving consumer preferences.
  • Explore bundling member benefits and personalized offers to cater to individual preferences.

Align with Growth Goals:

  • Define big-picture growth goals and align membership strategies to support organizational objectives.
  • Establish marketing objectives that contribute to website metrics, lead generation, and social media engagement.

Add Value Continuously:

  • Elevate membership benefits by improving the buying process, providing valuable content, and rewarding loyalty.
  • Bridge the gap between leaders’ and members’ definitions of value through feedback and focus groups.

Foster Team Collaboration:

  • Promote a culture of cross-communication, trust, and collaboration among teams crucial to membership success.
  • Consider incentivizing goal achievement with rewards or acknowledgments.

Proactive Member Retention:

  • Set expectations for reaching out to at-risk members before issues escalate.
  • Utilize customer relationship management systems for personalized and timely communication.

Embrace AI Opportunities:

  • Explore AI applications in data analysis, content generation, and real-time personalization to enhance membership strategies.

Track and Analyze:

  • Develop a comprehensive tracking and analysis plan to measure results and facilitate continuous improvement.
  • Incorporate reflection and conversations to derive insights from data, calls to non-renewing members, and feedback.

As the new year unfolds, dedicating time to membership planning based on these foundational points will position associations for success in 2024 and beyond.

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