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Best Practices for Showcasing Your Association’s Value


In the world of marketing, associations face a perplexing situation. Unlike individuals and for-profit entities that work to cultivate their audience through content and products, associations possess a pre-existing audience and affinity. However, their position has been challenged by other entities offering similar intellectual capital and solutions, often aided by associations themselves through sponsorship arrangements.

This complexity intensifies due to changing demographics, competition for attention, and technological shifts, posing an existential threat. Yet, it’s possible for associations to harness these forces for their benefit. Here are five strategies highlighted in a recent blog by ASAE:

Societal Shapers: Associations can anticipate emerging industry needs and swiftly offer relevant content and collaboration opportunities. Staying ahead of trends enhances their value to members. For instance, in fields like AI, associations can lead discussions, collaboration, and innovation, generating revenue through tailored content and solutions.

Technology Shifters: Associations can employ technology for data-driven insights into member behavior, optimizing resource allocation and engagement. Personalized recommendations and content based on individual interests contribute to engagement and satisfaction.

Coopetition Creators: Associations can emulate businesses by leveraging their credibility and market understanding to launch new products and services that cater to members’ needs. Partnering strategically accelerates such offerings.

Demographics Embracers: Associations should adapt to demographic shifts by offering collaboration opportunities, ensuring members have a say in shaping the association’s direction. Aligning with the values of future generations, such as purpose, community, and social justice, fosters relevance.

Value Creators: Rather than overwhelming members with numerous products, associations should focus on delivering high-quality offerings that align with their core value proposition. This approach enhances engagement and eliminates underperforming options.

Although associations continue to offer vital avenues for professional growth, networking, advocacy, and more, their revitalization demands challenging decisions and investment to regain their relevance, recruit and retain members, build relationships, generate revenue, and enhance resilience. Embracing these strategies can steer associations toward a promising future despite the intricate landscape they navigate.

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