Membership » Association Strategies for Data, AI, and Value Proposition Excellence in 2024

Association Strategies for Data, AI, and Value Proposition Excellence in 2024

Association Strategies for Data, AI, and Value Proposition Excellence in 2024

To ensure their success in 2024, associations should adapt to the evolving needs of their members and stakeholders. According to an article by Association Analytics, there are three strategies that can enhance an association’s impact by utilizing data analytics and AI in the upcoming year.

The first strategy emphasizes collecting the right kind of data on members. Acknowledging that data issues are common, the approach is to commit to a fresh start in data governance and quality. This involves being deliberate and consistent, making data collection easy, and being creative in engaging members. A data collection audit is recommended to align data gathering with organizational goals. Methods include observing members’ preferences and explicit data collection by asking for information on application forms, surveys, and event registrations.

The second strategy encourages associations to get more serious and practical about AI. The focus is on moving beyond ad hoc usage and institutionalizing AI within the organization. Key areas for AI impact should be identified, and a cross-functional team led by senior-level individuals should be responsible for adoption. Training is essential, with an emphasis on data privacy and ethics. The potential uses of AI include brainstorming, content creation, event planning, data analysis, and more. Guides for different AI uses can be created for internal teams and members.

The third strategy highlights the importance of creating and communicating a clear value proposition. Associations are urged to understand why members leave, often due to a lack of perceived value. The value proposition should be a unique statement focusing on the benefits members receive. An Engagement Model is suggested as a way to measure how effectively the association’s value proposition resonates with different audience segments. The strategy also includes a bonus tip for improving renewal rates by enrolling members into an auto-renewal program.

Associations can make a fresh start in 2024 by strategically collecting data, embracing AI as a practical tool, and refining their value proposition. These steps not only help in staying relevant but also position associations as influential forces shaping the future of their members and industry.

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